The Stanislas Sevens: a green tournament

For this 8th edition, the members of the Stanislas Sevens decided to maintain actions, which promote the sustainable development. In fact, we wanted to organize a environmentally friendly tournament.

That’s the reason why the event got for the second year the brand Agenda 21 : « Sustainable development, sport get involved » of the Comité National Olympique et Sportif Français.

The tournament is an event, which welcomes 400 players and more than 1000 spectators during a weekend. That’s why, he seems us necessary to lead actions, which promote sustainable development.

Even before the weekend of the event, we reduce our ecological footprint by using news technologies, such as internet. Furthermore, some voluntary workers made other voluntary workers aware of issues about sustainable development

During the event, the first action is to place wasting sorting bins at public’s and players’ disposal in order to recycle waste products. Ecocups will replace plastic cups during the event for the public.

Teams were informed about our different actions and about our attachment to sustainable development. You will have the possibility to be made aware of issues of sustainable development, because students of « Ingénieurs Sans Frontières » will lead during the Saturday a workshop named « inequitable rugby »

After the event, the equipment will be stocked and will be reused for the next edition of the Stanislas Sevens, which will limit the wastes of the event.

For the obtaining of the brand, we want to thank the members of du Comité Départemental Olympique et Sportif (CDOS) Meurthe et Moselle, that help us in the preparation of actions, which promote the sustainable development.

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